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Our Winemaking History

The celebrated quality and reputation of Napa Valley wines are due in large part to the efforts of one very driven family. The Mondavi family purchased the Charles Krug Winery in 1943, and from that moment on, brothers Robert and Peter Sr. were consumed with the vineyards, the cellar, and elevating the craft of California winemaking.

In 1965 the brothers’ relationship soured and both the family and the business split. Stewarding the Charles Krug Mondavi Winery, Peter Sr. and his heirs continued to advance the image and quality of Napa Valley wines. In 1966, Robert and his family broke ground on the Robert Mondavi Winery in Oakville, which quickly became a leading producer of premium wines.

They no longer worked together, but the brothers’ common goal remained constant. Both men and their families have always been devoted to crafting wines that belong in the company of the world’s finest.

Now with Fourth Leaf, the two branches of the Mondavi family are once again making wine together.

Angelina Mondavi and Rob Mondavi Jr. are the eldest grandchildren of Peter Sr. and Robert, respectively. Both grew up in Napa Valley and returned after college to make careers in the wine business. They were virtual strangers, due in part to an 11-year age difference, but also because their families rarely spent time together. When the opportunity presented itself to collaborate, however, the cousins quickly recognized their kindred spirits and shared ambition.

Together, Rob and Angelina push beyond the prevailing style to produce a balanced, elegant wine embodying the ethos and ardor of the original Mondavi vision.

Out of the spotlight of the family name, each has labored to come into their own, honing the skill and earning the accolades that mark them as instinctive and inspired winemakers.

Rob was the gifted marketer (like his namesake) who dramatically shifted course to pursue his happiest avocation and calling in the cellar. He joined the Michael Mondavi Family Estate winemaking team in 2004 and spent eight years under his mentor pursuing the generational art of winemaking. Since 2012 he has been leading winemaking for Michael Mondavi Family.

Angelina is the family’s first woman winemaker and a sought-after consultant for a variety of Napa Valley wine brands. She holds a Masters in Enology and Viticulture, and travelled for more than a decade in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, crafting wines with some of the world’s finest winemakers. She launched her Napa Valley consulting business in 2016.

Before Angelina’s grandfather died in 2016 at age 101, Peter Sr. declared her among the group of Napa Valley women winemakers doing what he considered the industry’s best work.